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U.S. Patent Application# 15/706,629


The inventive portable water treatment backpack system is designed to enable women in Third-World countries to become micro-entrepreneurs. The system converts

undrinkable water into ultra-purified water, is fully self-contained, removes chemical and biological contaminants, and is highly transportable to be conveniently utilized as a mobile ‘mini’ water treatment plant. For example, such a

system can be operated in rural Third-World countries with poor infrastructure to treat dangerously contaminated or chemically polluted water. The present invention includes a transportable water reservoir tank, which is also used for

redundant chlorine disinfection treatment. A separate water filtration assembly is further secured to the reservoir tank, and includes low-profile pumps and a multistage water filtering sub-system.

In a preferred embodiment, the inventive system further includes a digital Command Center configured to guide the disinfection stage, thereby allowing even a novice user-operator to expertly adapt to variable local environmental

conditions and maintain quality control, via the Command Center’s integrated temperature sensors [e.g., ambient and water], pH level sensors, chlorination level sensors [digital or manual], motion and elevation sensor [all to insure the

integrity of the disinfection process so as to enable micro-entrepreneurial sales of purified water products].